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Residents requesting termite inspections of trees on land managed by City Services will be responsible for the cost of the inspection if no termite nests are found.

DONT spray with insecticides it only kills a couple of termites (not the nest) and repels them in the place (they will appear elsewhere, often unseen!) .

Doing any of those things mentioned above could irritate the termites, only for them to re-appear someplace else in your home.

The smart Trick of Termite Control Devices That Nobody is Talking About

If the termites are not there, it makes it very tough for us to deal with them! So, however tempting it can be to investigate yourself, please give us a call immediately on 1300 132 062.

Termites, also known as white ants, are both hard to detect and are undoubtedly the most destructive insects found in Australian houses. If termite infestation is not treated properly, these insects can extensively hurt buildings, leaving homeowners in need of costly and substantial repairs and also a loss of equity in their property. .

It is estimated termites cause a lot of harm and destruction in Australian houses each year than all other natural disasters like floods, storms and fires combined. Once found in your home, termites can be extremely Tough to remove, but

An infestation can be faithfully remedied and prevented by professionals who use modern termite protection systems and systems.

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Cairns termite treatment by Pestaway Pest Management can be applied to prevent an infestation or to eliminate one! Were the pest professionals and supply powerful Cairns termite treatment for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

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As one of the very few professional businesses in town to combine Cairns pest control and building inspection expertise, Pestaway possess an in depth knowledge of termite behaviour and treatment. Managed to find, identify and exterminate, providing property owners with peace of mind.

There are several options for Cairns termite treatment and prevention of termites. Our technicians utilize Termidor for colony control and chemical soil treatments around the home. Termidor provides fast, powerful and long term elimination of fleas and ants. Its advantages include:

Termidor has been used on over 200,000 homes across Australia, since being introduced into the marketplace in 2002. Why is it so successful Termidor embraces the termites own social behaviours and utilize these against them, in what they call the Transfer Impact.

In this manner, whenever a single termite comes into contact with Termidor, it transfers it back to the colony, passing it on to others, before succumbing to it itself. Rather than repel the termites as a barrier, it infects the individual, who then transfers to the colony before dying.

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Pestaway Pest Management use Termidor for their Cairns termite treatment, providing proven protection against all subterranean termite entry. Treatment generally takes less than a day and must be followed up with inspections each 12 months, for optimal protection and peace of mind.

Our technicians are experts in a number of termite prevention procedures. Occasionally a chemical soil treatments may not be recommended due to some possessions location or design. Termite baiting systems have the benefits of the chemical soil treatment without any of their drawbacks. No mixing, no trenches, no poison.  Pestaway Pest Management provides both active and non active system.  For active systems we recommended Sentricon IG (In-Ground) Termiticide rods.

Stations are installed around the perimeter of a structure, high density rods impregnated with Termiticide are put in the stations, providing continuous protection from day one.  Termite baiting stations can be installed alongside chemical soil treatment offering a comprehensive termite protection method. .

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For more information, look here or to reserve one of our Cairns termite treatments, contact the group at Pestaway now on -LRB-07-RRB- 4055 1055 or

Concealed in locations that often go undetected, termites destroy timber internally, leaving only a wafer-thin layer to protect them from the exterior environment.There is no predictable pattern or height restriction for their harm, together with termite-infested sites found in roofs and even high-rise construction.All new houses, including extensions, constructed within regions designated by municipal councils to be subjected to termite infestation, must have some form of management against termite attack.This is a requirement of the Building Regulations 2018 (the Regulations) and means the construction of new buildings and additions are needed to be protected against termite infestation in accordance with Australian Standard AS3660.1 2000 Termite management Part 1: New Building work.

Termite managementTermite management involves reducing the chances of big damage caused to a property by termite infestations.Termites cause more damage to Australian homes than fire, floods and storms combined and it's damage not covered by family insurance.The Regulations require new buildings, including alterations and extensions, constructed within designated termite-infested areas to have some kind of management against termite attack.The National Construction Code Volumes One & Two provide two alternative approaches for termite management:the use of termite resistant materials for its primary structural elements of the installation of a substance or physical barrier system. .

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